How To Reactivate Your Membership

a guide for existing members

Please follow the steps below carefully

Welcome back Glasgow Club!

Lots has changed to help keep you safe when you decide you're ready to reactivate your membership. Our video will give you some idea and the guide below should help you get your membership ready to make bookings.

Before you start

To complete this process you need to be a current Glasgow Club member aged 14+

You should have received an email about membership reactivation and it's important you read that carefully before starting to follow the steps below.

If you've read it, move on to Step 1 but if you didn't receive this it may mean you don't qualify for membership reactivation yet. We'll be in touch as soon as we can with more options for you.

Reasons you may not qualify for membership reactivation yet:

  • You're aged under 14 or had a FitClub Junior (for 12 & 13yr olds) membership when we closed our venues.
  • Your membership is in arrears (you've missed a payment before we closed venues)
  • You've cancelled your direct debit instruction with your bank
  • Your membership has already expired

If you meet one of these criteria our customer service team may be able to help if you get in touch, but please be patient as we are receiving more enquiries than normal and have a smaller team available to comply with government guidance and keep our staff safe.

Other reasons you may not have received the email

  • It may just be in your spam/junk email folder
  • We don't have an email address on file for your membership
  • The address we have is out of date or incorrect.

If you've checked your spam/junk email folder and still don't have it, please email us and we can update your account. Please be patient as we are receiving a high volume of enquiries and with limited access to our office we have fewer staff than normal. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

Step 1

More reading. Sorry but it's really important

  • Check you're happy with the protocols for using our venues and activities
  • Take a look at the activities that are presently available in our app but if you can't access this there's also our booking website
  • You may also want to watch our video below which gives more insight on how things have changed to keep everyone safe:

Step 2

  • We suggest reading through all the steps so you know how to complete this process properly before getting started
  • When you've done this you can click this: Reactivation Link
  • On the page that pops up, click the green 'Next' button

Step 3

  • REALLY IMPORTANT: Select "Yes, I have an email address and password"
  • NOTE: You may need to scroll down to find this if you're using a phone or tablet

Step 4

  • Enter the email address you use for logging in to our app or booking site (it should be the same one to which we sent the email message mentioned at the top of this page).
  • Enter the Captcha (security numbers shown)
  • Now click the green Next button

Step 5

  • Check all the contact details are correct and complete anything that's missing
  • Tick the box to confirm you've read the terms and conditions once you've read through them
  • Tick the box to confirm you've read the Health Commitment Statement once you've read it
  • Click the green Next button

Step 6

  • Check the details and click the green Pay and Finish button
  • Don't worry - there's nothing to pay - this just confirms activation of your membership
  • IMPORTANT: Please log out and log back in again to allow the system to pick up the changes to your membership - this will stop you being charged for activities.
  • Well done - ENJOY booking with your membership