How To Reactivate Your Membership

a guide for existing members

Step 1

Please don't proceed if your membership expired BEFORE we closed venues in March 2020. Contact us first.

  • You need your email and password. If you've forgotten your password reset it here. Allow a few minutes and check your spam/junk mail but if you run into problems or haven't registered an email with us our customer service team can help.
  • You're restarting your membership on the basis of  updated terms and conditions so please read them first.
  • You're also coming back to what's available now (not how things were pre-pandemic) so check you're happy with the activities available in our app and on our website.
  • Please read through the remaining steps FIRST so you know what you need to do (ESPECIALLY STEP 3). THEN click the link in the final step to go through the process.

Step 2

Once you click the link (at the end of this guide) a page like this pops up. Click the green 'Next' button

Step 3

REALLY IMPORTANT: Don't start filling in details. Instead select "Yes, I have an email address and password" You'll need to scroll down a bit if using a phone or tablet.

Step 4

Enter the email you use for logging in to our app or booking website (most likely the same address we send you emails at)

Now click the green Next button

Step 5

  • Check all details are correct and complete anything missing
  • Read the Terms and Conditions then click the box to confirm this.
  • Read the Health Commitment Statement and tick the box to confirm.
  • Click the green Next button

Step 6

  • Check the details and click the green Pay and Finish button (don't worry - nothing to pay, it just confirms activation of your membership)
  • IMPORTANT: Please log out and log back in again to our app or booking website to allow the system to pick up changes to your membership - this stops you being charged for activities.
  • Have you read these instructions? Ready to reactivate for real now? Click below: